Loeb50: Mobility in the Post Pandemic City

Four side-by-side speaker headshots.

Event Description

The COVID-19 pandemic brought dramatic changes to every aspect of urban life, none more than in urban transportation. Lockdowns in March and April 2020 brought travel to a standstill. Some cities have seized on the opportunity to repurpose street space away from cars, enabling a boom in outdoor dining, biking, and walking. It’s shown how much space is consumed by automobile infrastructure and opened the door to a reimagining of urban street space. How many of these changes will remain when the pandemic is tamed? At the same time, transit ridership has plunged, devastating public transportation. Enabled by remote work, residential demand has moved to lower density. What are the consequences for the future viability of cities? Can we steer urban transportation towards the zero emissions future we urgently need? What does it mean for efforts to unwind the legacy of racial discrimination within our transport systems?

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  • Seleta Reynolds, General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Transportation
  • Dorval Carter, President, Chicago Transit Authority
  • Rit Aggarwala, Executive-in-Residence, Closed Loop Partners
  • Moderator: Andrew Salzberg, LF ’20, Independent Climate Change & Transportation Consultant


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