Meet the Loebs Week Seminar: “Resiliency for the 21st Century”: Scott Campbell, Maria Jaakkola, and Thaddeus Pawlowski


Scott Campbell, director of the Palmer Land Trust, works at the intersection of conservation, preservation, economics, and community development in southern Colorado—where radically juxtaposed trends of growth and decline are due to consumptive land use patterns and competition for scarce water resources.  His leadership resulted in the protection of 25,000 acres of natural and agricultural lands and launched 40,000 acres of conservation projects currently underway.  He is the author of award-winning conservation plans that outline pathways to halt destructive development practices, boost agricultural productivity, and guarantee reliable water supplies for farms and cities. Campbell will use his Fellowship to hone his understanding of the political, social, and market forces that shape conservation outcomes for more equitable natural resource allocation. 

Maria Jaakkola, landscape architect, visual artist and head of Helsinki City Planning Department Environmental Office since 2008, is positioned to be a shaper of her city’s future. The Helsinki Master Plan under development is focused on increasing urban density to accommodate population growth. Jaakkola initiated a Green Areas Strategy to address issues with impact on livability: the balance between built and green, density limits, adaptation to climate change, healthy lifestyles and ecosystem services. She will use her Loeb year to teach and learn, expand professional networks and gather case studies with the potential to influence positive outcomes in Helsinki.

As an urban designer for NYC when Hurricane Sandy hit, Thaddeus Pawlowski already had been working to shift the city’s storm focus from evacuation and shelter to building for greater resilience. He was uniquely situated to assist the city’s recovery as planning advisor in the NYC Mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery Operations. Months earlier he had convened 80 respected architects to develop design principles for the flood zone and recommend zoning changes that were subsequently adopted. He collaborated on a playbook for deploying post-disaster temporary housing to facilitate consensus-based comprehensive planning. In the coming year, Pawlowski plans to document the lessons he learned, research models from other cities and craft recommendations for improvement.


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