SpainGSD Lecture: Eduardo Prieto, “An Aesthetic of Energy? Mulling over Sustainability”

Eduardo Prieto discusses the currents now being explored by ‘energy aesthetics’ and draws attention to the risks of succumbing to a new kind of functionalism, an environmental one.

Eduardo Prieto is a registered architect in Spain and an Associate Professor of History of Architecture and Art at the School of Architecture of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSAM-UPM). He is also a professor at the Faculty of Architecture of UNL University (Argentina), and a professor in the Doctorate program of the Department of Architectural Projects at ETSAM-UPM.

A double major in Architecture (ETSAM, 2003) and Philosophy (UNED, 2004), postgraduate studies – Doctorate in Architecture with Honors (ETSAM, 2014) and Master in Moral and Political Philosophy and in Aesthetics and Art Theory (UNED, 2007) –, and ten years of practice as an architect specialized in sustainability have together led Eduardo Prieto’s research career to the fruitful intersection of history and technique in architecture. Such an approach has been tested with academic success through a number of scientific articles and books.

He has recently published a third book, La ley del reloj: aquitectura, máquinas y cultura moderna (The Law of the Clock: Architecture, Machines, and Modern Culture), and is now completing a fourth, El complejo de Novalis: Arquitectura, Energy, and Modern Culture(The Novalis Complex: Architecture, Energy, and Modern Culture). Since 2011 he has been leading redactor of the magazineArquitectura Viva, where he has published numerous articles of his own, on architectural criticism and history.

As a practicing architect, he has built a number of projects which have been much published and have earned national and international awards, such as the ICCL European Award for Sustainability, the Madrid Institute of Architects Prize, the Award for Architecture and Urbanism of the Madrid City Council, and the Fassa Bartolo Prize for Sustainable Architecture (finalist), and more.


SpainGSD Spring Lecture Series. SpainGSD students group with the support of the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard and theHarvard Spain Students Association – HSSA


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