Symposium: Improving Outdoor Comfort in the City

Improving Outdoor Comfort in the City
Impacts on Public Health and Energy
Lectures and panel discussion.
1) “Back to Origin: Design by Occupants’ Behavior” 
Mr. Chaobin Zhou, Deputy Chief Architect, Vanke Chengdu Region.
2) “Quantitative and Qualitative Study of Outdoor Open Space Quality on Occupants’ Activity”  Dr. Yi Jiang, Technical Director, Built Environment Group, Tianjin, China.
3) “Master Plannng for the People, in Toronto and Helsinki”  Peter Rose, Peter Rose + Partners, Cambridge.
4) “Perceived Temperature, Outdoor Comfort Strategies for the Heart of Doha” Matthias Schuler, Adjunct Professor of Environmental Technologies, GSD.
Panel moderator: Eve Blau, Adjunct Professor of the History of Urban Form, Department of Urban Planning and Design, GSD.

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