Symposium: (Un)Building Colonial Space in Korea, 1910-1945

This interdisciplinary colloquium engages the following questions: How is Korean colonial space constructed in, and through, literature, archaeology, visual culture, and architecture? How do we know of the colonial built environment as epistemology and as site, either material or imagined? We are talking within and beyond the spatial practices of colonialism, as they appear and are understood as urban form and architecture. The presenters and discussants will examine the consumption, experience, and circulation of Korea’s colonial subjectivity through spatial constructs and imaginaries. 

Supported by the Young-Chul Min Memorial Fund at the Korea Institute, Harvard University

Special thanks to AsiaGSD, Harvard Korea Society, KoreaGSD, and MDesS program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

For more information, please visit events, or contact the colloquium organizer, Melany Sun-Min Park ([email protected]). 




Ellie Choi (Assistant Professor, Modern Korean Literature and Intellectual History, Cornell) 

Se-mi Oh (Assistant Professor, Korean Literature and Visual Culture, University of Wisconsin, Madison) 

Hyung Il Pai (Professor, Korean History and East Asian Archaeology, UC Santa Barbara) 

Jini Kim Watson (Associate Professor, English and Comparative Literature, NYU) 



Arindam Dutta (Associate Professor of Architectural History, MIT) 

Carter J. Eckert (Yoon Se Young Professor of Korean History, Harvard) 

Yukio Lippit (Professor of Japanese Art, Harvard) 

Alice Tseng (Associate Professor, Japanese Art and Architecture, Boston University) 


Time: 1.30-6.30pm


1.30pm-2pm: Introduction by Melany Sun-Min Park (Harvard GSD), Timothy Hyde (Harvard GSD), and Yukio Lippit (Harvard) 

2pm-2.30pm: Hyung Il Pai (UC Santa Barbara) 

2.30pm-3pm: Ellie Choi (Cornell) 

3pm-4pm: Discussion moderated by Yukio Lippit (Harvard) and 

Alice Tseng (Boston University) 


4pm-4.15pm: Break 


4.15pm-4.45pm: Se-mi Oh (University of Wisconsin, Madison) 

4.45pm-5.15pm: Jini Kim Watson (NYU) 

5.15pm-6.30pm: Discussion moderated by Arindam Dutta (MIT) and Carter J. Eckert (Harvard) 

Reception to follow

Anyone requiring accessibility accommodations should contact the Public Programs Office at (617) 496-2414 or [email protected].