TERREMOTO // David Godshall and Jenny Jones, “Radical Gardens of Love and Interconnectedness”

A group of people crouch down to the ground in an outdoors environment, working a plot of land surrounded by a small fence.

(c) David Godshall

Event Information
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Event Description

TERREMOTO is presently navigating a transitional period within its practice towards making omni-positive gardens and landscapes that are fair, just and generous in their relationships to labor, materials and ecology. We believe that we are at a cultural, environmental + civilizational fork in the road, and through deep internal self-interrogation of landscape history and practice (including our own), we are creating a constantly evolving set of metrics that will allow us (and you!) to create gardens that can lock horns with the BIGNESS of this moment. What a time to be alive! And what a time to be making gardens!

Audience members who attend this event in its entirety may be eligible for continuing education credits from LACES. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.


David Godshall and Jenny Jones stand next to each other in front of a lush green background.TERREMOTO is a formally and conceptually adventurous office for landscape architecture. TERREMOTO creates well-built, site-specific landscapes that respond to clients’ needs while simultaneously challenging historical and contemporary landscape construction methods, materials, and formal conventions.  Our design approach is post-Internet, critically regionalist, and respectfully inflammatory.

TERREMOTO mines the omnipotence of intentional inexactitude and flirts openly with illegibility.  We strive, in many cases, to do as little as possible. It is our goal to build gardens and landscapes not for this civilization, but rather, the next one.

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