Harvard GSD Commencement 2013 Exhibition

May 30, 2013—August 2, 2013

This exhibition features an individual poster from each graduating student. They compose work that best represents their time at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Displayed along with each poster, postcard versions of their material are available for visitors to take. The exhibit also features prize winning student work from the Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and the Urban Planning and Design departments.


It is exhilarating to witness the results of another great year of inspiring work at the GSD. Each of our graduating students' projects is the expression of numerous exemplary proposals and deserves careful consideration and reflection. Yet it is the juxtaposition of these projects—with their extraordinary diversity of positions, themes, and geographies—that offers a dynamic sense of how the built environment will be positively transformed.  Working at scales from the human to the planetary, these students demonstrate the attainment of remarkable proficiency within and across disciplines, in service to the better future that their projects begin to imagine and shape.  

Mohsen Mostafavi Dean Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design

Gund Hall Gallery