Scalar Shifts: Two recent filmic studies of Jewel Changi Airport and The Clark Art Institute

Two stills from the video AUTUMN + SUMMER : The Clark Art Institute. The left still is a scene of a pond in Autumn, surrounded by trees changing color. The right still is an outdoor pool of water with a flat patio that runs up to its edge and green trees in the distance.

Stills from "AUTUMN + SUMMER : The Clark Art Institute"

AUTUMN + SUMMER : The Clark Art Institute

As a year-long collaboration with Reed Hilderbrand, this film explores the variable seasonal changes of the Clark Art Institute’s reconfigured 140-acre campus located in Williamstown, Massachusetts. With an intricate network of walking paths and grassland passages, the film stitches together intimate moments of engagement between the rolling pastoral landscape and highly considered design strategies by Reed Hilderbrand. Through a combination of subtle camera motions, the film studies the varying scalar and spatial relationships as defined by vegetation, natural phenomena, materiality, artificial and natural light and sequencing. 

Directed by Helen Han, Instructor in Architecture
: 1 min, 39 sec + 1 min, 27 sec
Client:  Reed Hilderbrand 


A large interior space filled with lush green plants and trees, with a curved glass ceiling. The glass dome curves down to a funnel-shape in the center, through which a waterfall runs down to a central pool.
Still from “Garden of Wonder”

Garden of Wonder

“Garden of Wonder” is a joint effort with the international architecture practice Safdie Architects based in Somerville, Massachusetts. The film depicts the nature and generosity of public space within Jewel Changi Airport while also portraying its multilayered spatial moments – interweaving both intimate and grand scale conditions. It captures the choreography and curation of light, which encourages direct physical engagement while also expressing Architecture’s aspiration to connect viscerally.  

The project was shot over the course of 4 days in September of 2019 during the official opening of Jewel Changi Airport.  

Directed by Helen Han, Instructor in Architecture
Duration: 4 min, 05 sec
Client:  Safdie Architects, Jewel Changi Airport 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the galleries in Gund Hall have been turned ‘inside out,’ with exhibitions shown through a series of exterior projections on the building’s facade. Watch a short clip from each film’s screening below: