Storyboard Architecture | Porte De La Chapelle, Paris: GSD Study Abroad Studio, Fall 2011

March 26, 2012–April 16, 2012
Ricardo Solar Lezama, exhibition design
Melissa Hurcomb, exhibition design
Anne Lacaton, instructor

The goal of the studio was to enable the city to provide an exceptional quality of life for its inhabitants. This includes a wide range of facilities, of proximities, and of pleasures. Spaces overlap, add up, link, and touch, with great precision. The contemporary city is made by the assembly of these fragments. Each project was conceptualized with a focus on a single program with idealized spatial qualities that could  generate numerous activities suited to an increased density of the site. In this way, the increase in density would increase the quality of life.

The work shown includes fragments from various projects in the studio, assembled for the purpose of the exhibition into one “project.” The collection of each group’s fragments is shown in the form of individual videos. The filming process began with understanding life in the city from the point of view of a fictional character, followed by making a short film of existing conditions in our site.


STUDENTS: Ricardo Solar, Melissa Hurcomb, Curtis Maxwell, Nathan Shobe, Quardean Lewis Allen, Tristie Tajima, Monica Earl, Jeongyon Kim, Melissa How, Min Hyung Seung, Daniel Elmore, Jason Phipps

Frances Loeb Library