The GSD Alumni Council- Student Exchange Committee is devoted to providing advice for GSD students on career growth and development.

The Alumni Council Career Panels offer 3-4 speakers and a moderator who provide different perspectives on a theme.

Thank you to members of the Alumni Council and students who have participated in this series.

Tune in and enjoy the conversation!

Summer 2020 Alumni Council Career Panel series

Alumni Council Career Panel series Summer 2020

  1. “Racial Equity, Our Roles & Responsibilities”
  2. “Navigating the Challenges of the Pandemic”
  3. “Going Rogue: Non-traditional Career Paths”


Fall 2020 Alumni Council Career Panel Series

  1. “Nexus Between Real Estate Development and the Design Practice”
  2. “We Own It! – Women Owned Design Practices”
  3. “The Changing Landscape of Public Space”