To use the GSD’s Clo Cloud licenses, you must be affiliated with the school

This program can be used anywhere with an Internet connection; VPN is not required to check out a license

To install Clo first, download the installer for your Operating System:

Windows | Mac

For Windows double-click the program to launch the installer

For MacOS, double-click the installer and then drag and drop the app into the applications folder and double-click the app to launch the program

Drag and drop the app into the applications folder

Follow the prompts, accepting the default options and selecting your preferences

Select the default options

Once the installation completes, you can close the installation program

The Clo Network OnlineAuth program should now be listed in your programs or applications menu, doubl-click its icon to launch the program

On the Clo Network OnlineAuth page, select Login via SSO and enter the ID: harvardgsd

Specify harvardgsd and select SSO

Select Login, and you should be redirected to the HarvardKey login page

Login with your HarvardKey

Once logged in successfully, you should be returned to the installation to complete the process

Note: If you receive a message indicating you do not have access to the license, contact the helpdesk at [email protected]

If your computer uses an integrated graphics card, most likely made by Intel, you may receive a warning that Clo may experience performance issues.

Discreet cards, usually created by Nvidia or AMD, are recommended.  If your computer has both an integrated and discreet video adapter, you will want to ensure Clo is launched using the preferred card

You may receive a warning if using an integrated video card