GRANTA EduPack supports Materials Education across Engineering, Design, Science and Sustainable Development.

Network licenses and installation media for this program are provided by the GSD.

To use network-licensed software you are required to be on the GSD wired network, on the Harvard Secure wifi, or logged into VPN while working remotely.

The installation files for this program can be downloaded here

Note: You do not need to be on VPN to download the installer, in fact it will likely slow down the download. It is a large download, so will likely take some time. You will need VPN on once the program is installed to checkout a license

Once downloaded, unpack the installation files and double-click the Edupack setup executable

You will be prompted to accept the license agreement, then when prompted enter the License server information


Server Port: 1055

Set license server to

Once the installation completes, the program should appear in your list of installed programs – launch EduPack and it should successfully check out a license from our network server.

Remember that you will first need to connect to the VPN service prior to opening the program every time.


If you receive an error message stating the Microsoft Report Viewer could not be installed, download the Report Viewer from this link and install it previous to installing EduPack

If you receive a licensing error when launching the program, and have confirmed the license settings are correct and you are connected to VPN, a poor network connection could be causing the license request to time out  before a response is received from the server

Edupack license could not be loaded

A potential solution to this is to replace the current license file in the installation folder with one that we have configured to wait longer for a response from the server

First, Download the updated License File to your desktop

Then replace the existing license file with the downloaded one.  The license file’s default location should be:

C:\Program Files (x86)\GRANTA EduPack\Shared Files\Licensing

Once replaced, try launching the program again – the program may take some time before opening but should hopefully open successfully now