Network licenses and installation media for this program are provided by the GSD.

To use network-licensed software you are required to be on the GSD wired network, on the Harvard Secure wifi, or logged into VPN while working remotely.

The installation files for this program are on GSDServer in the Software folder.

It works best to download and launch the installation file from your desktop especially when operating from a VPN connection.

To begin the installation, double-click Setup.exe

Choose to do a Complete install, then click through the rest of the installation prompts until the install completes

After the installation completes, launch RobotStudio. You should be prompted to choose your license type, choose the ‘Specify a network license server' option under Network License and click Next

Under License Server enter:

You should then be prompted to close and re-open RobotStudio, once re-opened the software should check out a license from our license server