For students entering Fall 2017

6 units required courses:

2 units    SCI-6121   Environmental Systems 1 (module 1)

2 units    SCI-6122   Environmental Systems 2 (module 2)

2 units    SCI-6125   Computation (module 1)

26 units of elective courses (see suggestions below, total dependent upon chosen track)

In the second semester, students will elect which track to follow to complete the program:

3 Semester Track: Qualifying Paper – Total 48 units
16 units electives or remaining requirements
Qualifying Paper (Guidelines available here)


4 Semester Track: Open Projects – Total 56 units
12 units electives or remaining requirements
4 units ADV-9306 Open Projects I
8 units ADV-9307 Open Projects II

Suggested Electives for Energy and Environments
SES-5364 Sustainable Real Estate
SES-5370 Environment, Economics, and Enterprise
SCI-6318 Urban and Town Ecology
SCI-5369 Resilience and Adaptation Science: From Theory to Practice