Kathryn Firth

Design Critic in Urban Planning and Design

Kathryn Firth, an urban designer with more than 25 years of international public- and private-sector experience, oversees NBBJ’s Urban Environments practice in Boston. Originally from Toronto, Kathryn spent 20 years in London, where she worked as a private consultant and as chief of design at the London Legacy Development Corporation, directing the transformation of the 2012 Olympic Games site into an authentic piece of city.

Kathryn has led international master planning and urban regeneration projects, working both in sensitive heritage contexts such as Covent Garden and on former industrial sites in complex urban environments, including Le Parc des Portes de Paris and Meridian Water in northeast London. Her ongoing research interests include the spatial and social dynamics of main streets, the New London Vernacular, urban density and neighborhood perception, and investigations into typologies and morphologies that support intensification and urban growth.

Kathryn holds a Masters of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. She ran the MSc City Design and Social Science at the London School of Economic Cities Programme for six years, and she is an external examiner and supervisor at Cambridge University, the Architectural Association and the Bartlett, University College London.