Persons of Interest (POIs) were defined to enable non-employee, non-student individuals to become temporal members of the Harvard community for administrative or scholarly purposes through the assignment of an identifier (permanent HUID) and a role. This combination of identity data and role enable an individual to be granted access to resources, both digital and physical, under the appropriate level of oversight by the University. This separate category of affiliation is necessary to clearly differentiate these individuals from other employee, student, or alumni affiliates.

To streamline the process, Harvard University Identity and Access Management Services (IAM) has developed the POI Portal for creating and maintaining POIs. The portal will add accountability and transparency for GSD sponsors and administrators.

The Harvard POI Policy governs which POI roles are available, what types of access can be granted to these roles, term limits, who can request, approve, amend, and view POI roles, and what responsibilities these individuals assume when sponsoring or approving POI roles.

Harvard POI Policy
POI Fact Sheet
POI Role Types
POI Quick Guides

To qualify for a Person of Interest (POI) role, an individual must:

  • not already qualify for an Employee, Student, Class Participant, or any other role provided through HR or the Registrar’s Office, AND
  • have a legitimate reason to conduct business on behalf of Harvard University, OR
  • have a legitimate reason to need ID card access to a Harvard building

It is the Sponsor and Approver’s responsibility to ensure that this POI request complies with Harvard University policies along with any state or federal employment regulations. The Sponsor will be held responsible for the POI’s conduct and use of Harvard University resources. The Sponsor (or their designated delegate) is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, for keeping the information on this individual up to date, and for promptly updating the POI’s data in the POI Portal when the individual’s affiliation with the University ends.

Any use of a POI role for an incoming or departing employee is subject to review and approval by GSD HR.

POI roles are not eligible for library access. Visit the Harvard Library website for more information on eligibility and access:


Please Note:  Any POI who requires access to the GSD campus will be required to follow the most up-to-date COVID policies for visitors.

The Harvard ID office will not be able to create an ID card for a POI requested that same day.


Any questions can be addressed to [email protected].