Carme Pinos: An Architecture of Overlay

pub_fac_moneo_carme_pinosThe work of Catalan architect Carmé Pinós is known for a close relationship with its immediate environment. Her sculptural forms—sinuous lines and walls, teetering planes, inviting arches and containers—are derived from a poetic use of materials and from the history and patterns of human presence on the site. Pinós architecture of overlay is evident in her design process; her unique models and drawings are complex compositions that reinforce the multifaceted quality of her design. This monograph, the first comprehensive English-language publication of the architect’s work, presents extensive visual documentation of twenty-five built and unbuilt works from 1991, the year she founded her own firm, to the present.

Pinós is particularly noted for her large-scale architecture-landscape projects, including her most significant current project, the JVC Cultural & Business Center fair area, part of a major project in Guadalajara, Mexico. Amongst other designs are the pedestrian bridge, Petrer, Alicante; Dunar Park, Matalascañas, Huelva; the Juan Aparicio and Punta Prima water-fronts, Torrevieja, Alicante; and lanscape improvements and recreational center, Caldas de Reis, Galicia. Pinós also specializes in sports facilities and schools: sports center and swimming pool, Mont-Sartoux, Côte d’Azur; soccer stadium, Seville; and high school, Mollerusa, Lérida.

Additional Authors: Ana Maria Torres, Carme Pinos

Monacelli Press