Innovative Surface Structures: Technologies and Applications

innovativeRecent innovations in computational techniques, material systems and fabrication processes have revolutionized the design and construction of surface structures. Powerful analysis tools now enable architects and engineers to create new surface forms, predict their behavior and devise efficient manufacturing strategies. Digitally supported design and fabrication technology has unfolded new potential to realize complex structural surface shapes.
Innovative Surface Structures is an in-depth introduction to the fundamentals of surface structures, and provides the techniques and knowledge necessary to design folded plates, shells and tensile membranes in a broad variety of materials. The book looks at some of the most innovative structures and technologies to date, demonstrating their use of materials in creating successful surface architecture.

The book is structured in four parts. The first familiarizes the reader with the topic of surface structures, tracing the long-standing correlation between innovative design and construction technology, and the evolution of structural surfaces. The second provides an introduction to tensile membranes, covering the different types of membrane systems as well as related design methods, materials and construction techniques. The third focuses on rigid surfaces—folded plates and shells. The fourth part introduces emerging technologies such as adaptivity, self-monitoring systems, nanotechnology and photovoltaics. There are case studies throughout demonstrating the use of innovative materials and approaches.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis