All students are expected to attend classes regularly. Absence for whatever reason, including participation in a site visit or other school related activity, does not relieve a student from responsibility for any part of the work covered in the class during the period of absence. If a student will be absent for more than a few days due to medical reasons, he/she must inform their program director and the Dean of Students, who will notify the appropriate faculty members. Extended absences may preclude receiving course credit at the discretion of the faculty member or program director. Normally, any students absent from class for more than two weeks without approval from their program director will not receive credit for that course(s). Under these circumstances a grade of WD (Withdraw) will be given for each class from which the student has been absent.

Storm and Emergency Conditions

In the event of inclement weather conditions or other types of emergencies, students and faculty should check these sites for information regarding the status of class meetings.

Harvard’s homepage: www.harvard.edu
GSD’s homepage: staging.gsd.harvard.edu
The GSD Hotline: 617 495 1039
Harvard’s ‘special conditions’ line: 617 496 NEWS

Unless there is an emergency posting on one of those sites, or you’ve received an email stating an emergency, students should assume that classes will be held. If instructors are not able to get to Gund Hall, they will try to email their students and/or contact program offices or TA’s. Every effort is made to keep Gund Hall open. The library, computer resources, wood shop and staff offices may be closed, while the studio trays remain open. On rare occasions, such as a state of emergency declared by the governor, or a university-wide emergency declared by the president or provost, it is likely that university buildings would be closed, including Gund Hall.

Exam Schedules

Students are required to take examinations as scheduled. Absence from examinations is permissible only in extraordinary circumstances, and the reason must be verified. If authorized by the instructor to do so, the department administrator will make arrangements for the makeup.

Absences for Religious Holidays

A student who is absent from a review or examination as a consequence of his or her religious belief ‘shall be provided with an opportunity to make up such examination…’ (Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 151C, Sec. 2B). It is the responsibility of the student to inform instructors of conflicts caused by religious holidays. If conflicts are unavoidable, students who will miss a review or examination for religious reasons shall be offered an opportunity to make up the work, without penalty, unless it can be demonstrated that such a makeup opportunity would constitute an ‘unreasonable burden’ on the faculty. Students must request this accommodation during the first week of classes, or whenever the dates of exams or reviews are announced.

Voting in Governmental Elections

Voting is not an excused absence. The polls open early and close late, therefore voting can be scheduled around classes. See the Voting and Jury Duty section of the Living Here page for details.

Jury Duty

Jury duty or a court summons that cannot be postponed is an excused absence.