Note: Software installation files and printer drivers that were previously stored on GSDServer have been relocated, please visit the Technology Guide to find guides to installing specific software and printers.




Legacy Instructions

GSDServer is in the process of being retired, most resources have been relocated – you should only need to connect to GSDServer if you need to access something that has not yet been migrated.  Most users do not need to access the server at all.

The main file server for Academic use is named:

The file server is within the Harvard firewall, so you will either need to be on a Harvard network or connected to a VPN service.

Follow the steps below to create a shortcut.
Screen shots reflect Windows 10, steps may vary for other windows operating systems.

(Scroll down below for Mac Instructions).



Click on the folder icon (pictured above).  Next, select Map Network Drive as shown below.


In the Folder field type:


and select ‘Reconnect’ and  Connect using different credentials.



When prompted, supply your HarvardKey Credentials. Select Remember my credentials so you will not have to re-enter your password every time.  Once you successfully connect, you should see a list of folders like below:



Connect to The GSD File Server on a Mac

From the Finder toolbar, click on Go and select Connect to Server…

connecting to goliath 8

Under Server Address type in the following:

Be careful copy and pasting this! Sometimes it will carry over additional white space that will confuse your computer and it will complain that the share could not be found on the server.


If you have trouble, be sure to type in the address rather than copying and pasting


Supply your HarvardKey Credentials when prompted.


Then you will see something that looks like this: