The Digital Media Workshops are a School resource for students to learn a range of fundamental and emerging technologies and techniques specific to design at the GSD. These are live in-person and simultaneously online tutorials lead by students for students across the school, and serve as a platform for interdisciplinary learning, sharing and serendipity.

About the Digital Media Workshops

The workshops will canvas a range of technologies to support learning, exploration, and invention through the development of skills and techniques in order to generate knowledge through the agency of making ‘of, through, and for’ ideas.

The schedule of workshops includes general core software packages and competencies, the support and sharing across the school of specific course related software, and the exploration of new and emerging technologies. Stand-alone software tutorials will run alongside project-based workshops that demonstrate workflows across multiple software packages.

The Fall semester schedule endeavours to introduce and extend the learning of the general core technologies. The Spring semester is planned to build on this learning, include advanced fabrication and workflow techniques, and introduce emerging and inspiring technologies.

Workshops are held on a weekly basis through the semester in person at Gund Hall and simultaneously online via Zoom. Schedule details and workshop recordings can be found on the DMW Canvas page. The schedule is also available on GSD Now, and weekly announcements will be sent via email to remind people of upcoming workshops.

DMW Leadership Team:

Student coordinators:
Allie Palmore (MArch I ’24)

Roxanne Gardner (MLA I ’24)

Faculty coordinators:
Craig Douglas, Assistant Professor

Ann Whiteside, Assistant Dean for Information Services

Thank you to all the wonderful instructors.