Letters of Enrollment Certification are available free of charge to current and former students. Standard enrollment certifications contain the student’s name, degree program, dates of attendance, and date of degree either expected or awarded. Students may also request that the letter contain information on tuition and fees for the academic year, or full-time or part time enrollment status.

In order to request an official document, fully fill out and sign a Document Request Form. The preferred method of submission is a high-resolution scan or picture that can be emailed to the Office of the Registrar. You may also submit the completed form into the Document Drop Box outside of the Office of Student Affairs, Gund 422. Other options are to send a physical copy in the mail or send via fax. While an original copy is not required, the Registrar must have your signature in order to process your request.

For expedited FedEx mail please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

You can request a Letter of Certification while you are on a Leave of Absence. The Letter of Certification will state the date that you began your course of study at the GSD, the fact that you are on an approved Leave of Absence, as well as the new date you are expected to receive your degree.

Mailing Address
Office of the Registrar
48 Quincy Street, Gund 422
Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: (617) 495.1237
Fax: (617) 495.8949
Email: [email protected]

* To obtain a FedEx shipping label for your documents visit UEMS:

Note: even though UEMS offers other mailing alternatives please use FedEx !

Make sure to select the correct office or we will not receive the shipping label.
First select Harvard University  ->  then “GSD – Registrars Office.”

Verify that the sender’s address is:
Tessalina Beljean
Harvard University
GSD – Registrars Office
48 Quincy Street
Gund Hall 422
Cambridge, MA 02138
United States