GLACIER is an online program designed to collect tax-related information from foreign individuals via a secure internet site.  GLACIER automatically determines the individual’s U.S. tax status, treaty eligibility and tax withholding rates based on information that the foreign national enters in the program.


  1. Department collects information on foreign national including email address & visa type and enters it into the Oracle vendor set-up system.
  2. Vendor/foreign individual receives an email from Glacier ([email protected]) with login information.  NOTE:  It may take several days before you are hired into the PeopleSoft System.
  3. Vendor/foreign individual logs into Glacier, completes questions and prints out all forms. Original signed forms with copies of any required visa documentation (e.g., I-94, VISA passport sticker, etc.) must be sent to the NRA Tax Administrators Office either by mail or via fax (617) 496-3196 within 5 days.  Originally signed forms are required.  Failure to complete Glacier or submit the forms may result in higher taxes being withheld and/or non-payment to the vendor/individual.
  • NRA Tax Administrator Office
    1033 Massachusetts Ave.
    2nd Floor
    Cambridge, MA 02138