GSD Mail Center — Gund Hall Room L28

Please remember the mail center WILL NOT SIGN FOR OR ACCEPT ANY PERSONAL PACKAGES delivered to Gund Hall.

Walk-in Hours
Monday – Friday, 9:00AM-11:00AM & 3:30PM-4:30PM

Delivery Time 
Gund and Houses:  12:00PM-2:00PM

1033 Mass Ave:  4:30PM

Please note: These are target times which fluctuate due to volume.

Graduate School of Design Mail Center Guide

Please follow these guidelines for best efficiency. If you have questions on these guidelines or any other mailing matters, please feel free to call the Mail Center for further information.

Call the Mail Center at (617) 495-4369 if you have a question. We are happy to help.

Barry Harper
Phone: (617) 495-4369
E-mail: [email protected]

Within Harvard
GSD Interoffice Mail

GSD Interoffice Mail comprises all routine pickup and delivery of department to department correspondence within the GSD. It also includes the delivery of incoming and pickup, for posting, of outgoing mail. G, for Gund Hall, or SR, for 7 Sumner Road should be placed in front of room numbers to insure delivery to the correct building.

1033 Mass Ave Pickup and Delivery

A daily messenger trip is made to 1033 Mass Ave to hand deliver letters for the Offices of the Dean, Fiscal Services, and Human Resources. If you have something to be added to the run, call the Mail Center that morning to make arrangements. We are not able to deliver large packages on the 1033 Mass Ave run.

Delivery time is 4:30PM.

University Mail

University Mail service is provided for mailings to all buildings within the university except for dormitories and mail weighing over two pounds, which must have postage added. For mailings addressed to dormitories add the following: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 02138, as you would with usual mailings.


United States Postal Service (USPS)

The majority of outgoing mailing is done using the USPS.

The USPS picks up GSD mail at 3:30PM.

  • First Class service used for most correspondence
  • letters not exceeding 11 ounces
  • post cards: size not more than 4 1/2 by 6 inches; not smaller than 3 1/2 by 5
  • Priority Mail: First Class Mail over 11 ounces
  • Second Class: available only to authorized newspapers and periodicals
  • Third Class: books, catalogs, and other printed matter under 16 ounces
  • Fourth Class: (parcel post) books catalogs and other printed matter 16 ounces or more
  • Library Class: special library rates
  • Air Mail
  • International Air
  • International Air printed matter: does not need a customs form and costs less than regular international air
  • International Surface
  • Express Mail
  • Next Day and Second Day Servics

Special USPS Services
Please note; these services require a special trip to the Post Office. As this is not possible at all times, call in the A.M. to check for a given day. Due to new security laws any package or letter that requires special service must be accompanied by the actual sender.  This rule has no exceptions.

  • Insurance
  • Registered
  • Certified
  • Return Receipt
  • Restricted Delivery
  • Special Delivery/Handling
  • Mail will be metered according to the class it is labeled.

DHL Smart and Global Mail

With the use of this service, we can save on both delivery time and cost for departmental Overseas Mailings. The savings can vary, but average up to 20 per cent less than USPS International Air. Pickup time for any international mail is Friday at 3:00PM.


FedEx is the world’s largest express transportation company providing a complete menu of delivery solutions. With FedEx now as our preferred carrier, Harvard University can expect lower prices on a wide range of shipping services and exceptional service on shipping transactions. FedEx ‘Express’ offers reliable, time-definite delivery in 1, 2, or 3 business days, to more than 210 countries worldwide.  FedEx offers a variety of services to meet your individual shipping needs. For example, Standard Overnight Service is the most economical next day service. FedEx also offers Economy 2-Day and 3-day Express Saver as well as Ground as less expensive options for domestic shipping.  For international shipments FedEx International Priority Service is the most economical service.

FedEx Oracle Tool

The FedEx Oracle procurement tool streamlines processing and provides the ability to locate the best rates, estimate transit times, and track shipments. End users can create a shipment and a purchase order simultaneously and apply the 33-digit code at the time the shipment is created. Invoicing is electronic and automatic. Once the invoice is received electronically by Accounts Payable (weekly) the charge will hit the GL. This means the need for FedEx invoices is eliminated saving significant time and money. At this time, only Domestic Express shipments can be processed through the new FedEx Oracle procurement tool. International and Ground shipments should continue to be handled through

Functionality Highlights:

  1. End users self-approve shipments that are posted on the GL
  2. Tub/Org security is built into the application responsibility
  3. The maximum value allowed per shipment in this application is $100
  4. There is a tolerance of $9.99. If the shipment quote has an actual charge of a greater value, the system will automatically allow the charge to hit the GL as long as it is within $9.99 (most common reasons for a mis-match include residential shipments or incorrect estimates of weight).

Key Benefits:

  1. An additional 2% discount is applied to domestic express shipments made through the application
  2. Integration with Oracle provides a single interface to create the shipment and pay for it without having to spend time referring back to invoices with multiple shipments
  3. Additional savings of invoice processing, including paper, are eliminated


FedEx Customer Service
1-800-Go-FedEx, 800-463-3339


Tasia Halloran – 617.877.3638
[email protected]