Many of Esri’s software titles are provided by the Center for Geographic Analysis

Here is a direct link to what the center offers to Harvard Affiliates

Creating an ArcGIS Online Account and Obtaining ArcGIS Pro

CGIS offers all Harvard affiliates the ability to create ArcGIS Online accounts with Esri

These accounts come with full licenses of ArcGIS Pro, the successor to ArcGIS Desktop and its ArcMap component, and can be used without the VPN service (which was required for ArcMap)

ArcGIS Pro | Center for Geographic Analysis (

ArcGIS Online | Center for Geographic Analysis (


Installing the classic ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) or City Engine

Note: these instructions are for the legacy product ArcMap – unless you have an explicit need for it, you should likely be using ArcGIS Pro as mentioned above

To start, download the installation media and launch the executable

ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap)

Esri CityEngine

The files will be extracted to your Documents folder by default

Once extracted, launch the Setup.exe executable and accept the default settings, agree with the license terms, and perform a Complete Installation

After the installation is finished, the ArcGIS or CityEngine Administrator Wizard should be displayed or you can search for ArcGIS  Desktop Administrator or CityEngine Administrator in your installed programs list

Configure the software to use Concurrent Licensing by selecting Advanced Concurrent Use for the product you installed and Change the License Manager setting to: LICENSE.CGA.HARVARD.EDU

Set to concurrent license and server to




Remember, the concurrent use license is accessible from anywhere on the Harvard network or remotely with a VPN connection

Notes & Troubleshooting

Enabling Spatial Analyst for ArcMap

To use the Spatial Analyst plugin you must first enable the extension by opening the Customize menu and selectingExtensions

ArcGIS - Spatial Analyst 1

Choose Spatial Analyst from the list and click Close

ArcGIS - Spatial Analyst 2

Then click on Customize again choose Toolbars and select Spatial Analyst – the toolbar should then appear

ArcGIS - Spatial Analyst 3