To start, download the installer to your desktop and launch it from your desktop.  Do not try to run the installation directly from the server.

After you download and launch the installer, files will be extracted to your Documents folder (by default).

Run “Setup.exe” and accept the default settings, agree with the license terms, and perform a Complete Installation.

When the installation is finished, the ArcGIS Administrator Wizard is displayed (or you can access it by clicking Start->Programs-> ArcGIS-> ArcGIS Administrator). Configure for Concurrent Licensing by making the following selections:





The concurrent use license is accessible from anywhere on the Harvard network or remotely with a VPN connection.  For more information about ArcGIS and the Center for Geographic Analysis visit

Notes & Troubleshooting

If you are running Windows 8 or later and receive a warning that the Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework needs to be enabled and it does not give you the option to enable it as part of the installation – refer to  Microsoft's site on how to enable this feature

Enabling Spatial Analyst

To use the Spatial Analyst plugin you must first enable the extension by opening the Customize menu and selectingExtensions

ArcGIS - Spatial Analyst 1

Choose Spatial Analyst from the list and click Close

ArcGIS - Spatial Analyst 2

Then click on Customize again choose Toolbars and select Spatial Analyst – the toolbar should then appear

ArcGIS - Spatial Analyst 3