(For Windows Instructions Click Here)

First, Connect to the GSD File Server, if you haven't already.

When you get connected to the GSD File Server, navigate to the Mac Printer Drivers folder (shown below)

Installing all printers in Gund Hall
In the Mac Printer Drivers folder, you should see a package titled ‘ALL PRINTERS GUND'
This package includes the printer drivers, and installs the PaperCut client, as well as all the public print queues in Gund Hall.
Copy this file to your desktop and then double-click it.

Click through the installer's prompts and at the end – you should be prompted to login with your HarvardKey to the PaperCut client

Once completed, the public printers should be available in your Printers list in System Preferences. Note – older operating systems may prompt to install additional software when printing for the first time and might require a restart of the computer

Installing Individual Printers
In the Mac Printer Drivers folder, you'll see two print driver packages – you will likely need to copy the packages to your desktop to install them successfully.


While you are here, we also need to install the PaperCut Application.  (Yes, this is a required step)


When PaperCut is installed, and when you print, you will be prompted for your HarvardKey Credentials with a dialog box like the one below.


Now lets go to System Preferences and launch the Printers Icon.


Add a printer using the options highlighted below.

By the way, each printer has a name based on its location.
For example, the location for Laser-3S is Third Tray, South end of building.
Click Here for a list of Printer Names.

mac printing 9

Make sure to select the correct model!  In Fall 2018 most of the black and white printers in the trays are the HP m806.

Here are the recommended options.


Let's add a color printer too…


All our Shared Color Printers are the DX Model


You should see this pop-up each time you print.


To view information about your account and transaction history visit PaperCut.