(For Mac Instructions Click Here)

Access you search panel and type \\gsdprint.university.harvard.edu into the Search box, then hit Enter

installing printers on windows

If prompted, enter your Harvard Key Credentials

Select Remember my credentials so you will not have to re-enter your password every time.

installing printers on windows

After successfully authenticating you will see a list of all the available printers.  Double-clicking on a printer will initiate the installation process.

Our naming convention for printers is [PrinterType-location].  So, Laser-3North is a laserjet located on the third tray, north side. Color-4Central is located in the center of the 4th tray, etc.

installing printers on windows


Finally, you must install PaperCut, a light application we use to manage authentication and cost recovery.  To do this, Connect to the GSD File Server (if you haven't already) and navigate to Software\PaperCut and install the “client-local-install.exe” from the win folder.

Once installed you will see a pop-up that looks likes this when you try to print:


You are done!