Note: In the fall 2019 McNeel's cloud license service enabled support for Rhino for Mac, allowing Mac users to install and check out licenses without needing Windows.  However, some plugins are not Mac compatible – most notably Vray.

McNeel offers a substantial educational discount for fully-functional, stand-alone licenses to individuals, which can be a good alternative to the cloud licenses offered by the school.  For more information, visit McNeel's educational site

To use the GSD's cloud license you will need to create an account with McNeel using your HarvardKey credentials.  These cloud licenses are available to GSD affiliates only, and will work anywhere you have an internet connection.  VPN is no longer required for Rhino but may be required for certain plugins.

Note: McNeel's account setup will only recognize usernames associated with the GSD (i.e. jharvard@gsd.harvard.edu ) if you do not have an @gsd.harvard.edu username, you will need to be ‘invited' to join the GSD's cloud license pool.

To install Rhino, first download the Latest Version from McNeel's website – make sure to download the full version, not the Evaluation.

Rhino 6-01-Download

When prompted, enter your HarvardKey username in the email field – you will then be given the option to download the installation file

Rhino 6-02-Email Address

Once downloaded, launch the installer and agree to the terms and conditions then choose Install Now

Rhino 6-03-Start Installation

Once the installation completes, Launch Rhino by double-clicking the shortcut on your desktop

When prompted for a license, select Login

Rhino 6-04-Login

Enter your HarvardKey username in the login field and click the arrow to continue

Rhino 6-05-CreateAccount

McNeel should automatically recognize your ‘@gsd' address as a Harvard login and give you the option to sign in with Microsoft Azure AD

Rhino 6-06-AzureLogin

Once logged in successfully, you can close your browser and begin using Rhino

Rhino 6-07-ReturnToRhino