Fall 2020 first meetings for Module 2 option studios will take place at 7:30 PM (EDT) on Wednesday, October 21, (or after the results are posted, whichever is later) OR at 7:30 AM (EDT) on Thursday, October 22.

Students must refer to their course Canvas site for the link to attend their first meeting. 

Classes begin on Thursday, October 22, from 2 to 6 PM (EDT).

BOLD = RECENTLY UPDATED – Last updated 10/15/2020 at 3 pm

Studio Title Critic(s) First meeting
1301 ONIONS Mack Scogin, Helen Han 8/31
1302 Dual-Use: The Function of a 21st-Century Urban Residential Block Farshid Moussavi 8/31
1303 Spatial Infrastructures Jeannette Kuo 9/1
1304 Form As Knowledge – What Can Be A School Of Architecture? Eric Lapierre 9/1
1305 Aemulatio Job Floris 9/1
1306 [M1] An American Perspective Kersten Geers, David Van Severen 9/1 7:00am
1307 [M1] Can Parkitecture Heal? A Green New Deal Superstudio Jeanne Gang, Claire Cahan 8/31
1308 [M1] House of Our Time Toshiko Mori 8/31
1309 [M1] After Property Emanuel Admassu 9/1
1310 [M1] Spaces of Isolation: Bridges between home and health care Spela Videcnik, Rok Oman 9/1
1311 [M2] Cancel Architecture Preston Scott Cohen 10/21
1312 [M2] Movements Jennifer Newsom 10/22
1313 [M2] AFTER THE PARTY – A New Open Fair Simon Hartmann, Simon Frommenwiler, Tilo Herlach 10/22
1314 [M2] A House for Almost Everything Sharon Johnston-Lee 10/21
1315 [M2] GROUNDSCRAPERS: ¿A new type for the in-between? Camilo Restrepo Ochoa 10/21
1401 [M1] Washington Common—Martin Luther King, Jr., Upended Gary Hilderbrand 8/31
1402 [M2] Washington Common: An Unmonumental Core for Our Capital City Gary Hilderbrand 10/22
1404 The Right to Sewage: Mezquital Valley, Mexico City Montserrat Bonvehi Rosich, Seth Denizen 9/1
1405 Seeking Abundance – Designing Engagement and Experience for All Sierra Bainbridge 9/1
1406 [M1] In Search of Geographical Re-enchantment: landscape interventions between atmosphere, function + experience Robin Winogrond 9/1
1407 [M2] In Search of Geographical Re-enchantment continued: a landscape intervention Robin Winogrond 10/22
1501 [M1] This Land is Your Land Daniel D'Oca 8/31
1502 [M2] As of Right Daniel D'Oca 10/21
1503 Extreme Urbanism 7: Planning and design for safety and opportunity in a border town, Ishkashim, Afghanistan. Rahul Mehrotra, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes 9/1
1601 The “CANARY IN THE MINE:” Wildfires and rural communities in the Mediterranean Hinterland Silvia Benedito 8/31