Not all students in all programs will possess the capabilities necessary to undertake certain projects that may be proposed by critics. This information should be taken into consideration when you rank your choices on the lottery ballot. Please note that appropriate background means that you are currently enrolled in a degree program in this discipline, or previously obtained a degree in this discipline. Failure to select studios that you are eligible for will result in you being randomly assigned in a studio in which you are eligible.

Below are the backgrounds necessary for Fall 2020 Option Studios:

Studio Title Critic(s) Appropriate Background
1301 ONIONS Mack Scogin, Helen Han A
1302 Dual-Use: The Function of a 21st-Century Urban Residential Block Farshid Moussavi A, LA, UD
1303 Spatial Infrastructures Jeannette Kuo A
1304 Form As Knowledge – What Can Be A School Of Architecture? Eric Lapierre A
1305 Aemulatio Job Floris A
1306 [M1] An American Perspective Kersten Geers, David Van Severen A
1307 [M1] Can Parkitecture Heal? A Green New Deal Superstudio Jeanne Gang, Claire Cahan A, LA
1308 [M1] House of Our Time Toshiko Mori A
1309 [M1] After Property Emanuel Admassu A, LA, UD
1310 [M1] Spaces of Isolation: Bridges between home and health care Spela Videcnik, Rok Oman A
1311 [M2] Cancel Architecture Preston Scott Cohen A
1312 [M2] Movements Jennifer Newsom A, LA, UD
1313 [M2] AFTER THE PARTY – A New Open Fair Simon Hartmann, Simon Frommenwiler, Tilo Herlach A, LA, UD
1314 [M2] A House for Almost Everything Sharon Johnston-Lee A
1315 [M2] GROUNDSCRAPERS: ¿A new type for the in-between? Camilo Restrepo Ochoa A
1401 [M1] Washington Common—Martin Luther King, Jr., Upended Gary Hilderbrand A, LA, UD
1402 [M2] Washington Common: An Unmonumental Core for Our Capital City Gary Hilderbrand A, LA, UD
1404 The Right to Sewage: Mezquital Valley, Mexico City Montserrat Bonvehi Rosich, Seth Denizen A, LA, UD, UP
1405 Seeking Abundance – Designing Engagement and Experience for All Sierra Bainbridge A, LA, UD, UP
1406 [M1] In Search of Geographical Re-enchantment: landscape interventions between atmosphere, function + experience Robin Winogrond A, LA, UD
1407 [M2] In Search of Geographical Re-enchantment continued: a landscape intervention Robin Winogrond A, LA, UD
1501 [M1] This Land is Your Land Daniel D'Oca A, LA, UD, UP
1502 [M2] As of Right Daniel D'Oca A, LA, UD, UP
1503 Extreme Urbanism 7: Planning and design for safety and opportunity in a border town, Ishkashim, Afghanistan. Rahul Mehrotra, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes A, LA, UD, UP
1601 The “CANARY IN THE MINE:” Wildfires and rural communities in the Mediterranean Hinterland Silvia Benedito A, LA, UD, UP

Updated 08/25/2020