1. Students must complete the application and travel proposal worksheet.
    • Students can request up to $1,000 USD. All currency must be converted to USD in your application and travel proposal worksheet.
  2. Awardees are required to register all travel ahead of their trip. For safety purposes, before traveling internationally, Harvard requires all students to register with International SOS, the university’s emergency response provider. Information regarding the International SOS benefits package can be found here
  3. To process payments, students need to be set up in Harvard’s Buy2Pay system. Once your application is processed by Career Services an invitation to the Buy2Pay system will be sent to you. Delays in completing this process will result in a delay of your award.
  4. Recipients of the Heffernan International Travel Fund are expected to deliver a short report (500 words) to the Career Services office within two weeks of the completion of travel. The report should include a detailed description of the experience and accomplished goals.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.