A permanent file is created for each student upon matriculation to the GSD. This file contains the student’s application, registration forms, study cards, transcript, and copies of correspondence to the student. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, also known as the Buckley Amendment, governs access to this file. See the section on Student Rights and Responsibilities in the GSD Student Handbook. When a student graduates, his or her file, with the exception of the transcript, is transferred to the Harvard University Archives for permanent storage. All contents of the file are the property of the GSD and will not be returned or forwarded to another party.


Student transcripts are maintained permanently in the GSD Office of Student Affairs. An official copy of a GSD transcript will be released on request by the student via the Document Request Form. The Office of Student Affairs may issue copies of GSD transcripts only; requests for copies of transcripts from another institution must be made to that institution.

Directory Information

All students are required to complete the Student Information Update process on my.Harvard before registering for the Fall semester. A student’s name, photo image, e-mail address, phone number, local address, dates of attendance, program, expected date of graduation, and previous degree(s) received constitute directory information. For student employees: job title, teaching appointment (if applicable), employing department and dates of employment. Make sure to update your mailing address as this is where you will receive important mail from Harvard University.