Here you will find a wide range of information about printing and plotting at the GSD

Before you can print you must install a printer!
See instructions below for installing laserjet printers, as well as large format (also known as “plotters”).
For Windows OS | For Mac OS

How do I print to a large format printer?
Information about preparing CAD and graphic design files for large format printing can be found here: How to Plot

How much does printing cost?
View the pricing grid  |  Request a refund

How do I check my transaction history?
Check your Transaction History using PaperCut. Please Note: This is an internal site and can only be accessed remotely with a vpn connection

Tips and Known Issues
It will help save you time and money!

Where are printers located in Gund Hall?
Our naming convention for printers is [PrinterType-location].  For example, Laser-3North is a laserjet located on the third tray, north side.  Color-4Central is located in the center of the 4th tray, etc.  Here’s a complete list of the printers we provide for anyone at the GSD to use.

  • Monochrome LaserJets
    Laser-2North, Laser-2Central, Laser-2South, Laser-3North, Laser-3Central, Laser-3Central, Laser-3South, Laser-4North, Laser-3Central, Laser-4South, Laser-PhD, Laser-MDE, Laser-L19 (Help Desk), Laser-40Kirkland, Laser-42Kirkland, Laser-Library, Laser-Sackler, Laser-phd
  • Color LaserJets
    Color-2Central, Color-3Center, Color-4Central, Color-40Kirkland, Color-42Kirkland, Color-Sackler, Color-L19
  • Large Format, High Volume
    Plot-Oce-1, Plot-Oce-2, Plot-Oce-3 (all located in the third tray – central)
    Plot-Oce-4, Plot-Pagewide (located in Gund Hall, Room L19)
  • Large Format, “load your own paper”
    Two DesignJet T795s are located in L19 and must be used through the provided computer consoles in Room L19