Printing Refund Policy

Printing charges that are eligible for a refund

  • Any problem directly related to equipment failure
  • Poor print quality, i.e. not enough toner, streaks or ink blotches
  • Issues with the print queue not releasing jobs to the printer

Printing charges that are not eligible for a refund

  • Issues that occurred greater than ten days from the time of the refund request
  • User has a history of requesting refunds that is beyond reasonable
  • User was printing from an unsupported operating system
  • Digital content was not formatted correctly
  • User waited too long to collect their output

Process for requesting a refund

To request a refund, log into your PaperCut account (VPN required when outside of Harvard networks).  Navigate to “Recent Print Jobs” and find the job you want to be refunded for.  You can only request a refund for issues that occurred within the past ten days.  Click on the “request refund” link.  Make sure to provide a reason.

What happens next?

If Help Desk approves your refund request the charge for that print job will be removed from your PaperCut account.

Ways to avoid printing problems

  • Become familiar with the information in the Printing Guide
  • View the documentation on How to Plot
  • Retrieve your document immediately after you send it