Outsource processing power to render your digital project using Microsoft's RemoteApp

To access the server, send an email to helpdesk@gsd.harvard.edu indicating a timeframe and the software you wish to use.  Once approved, you will be given temporary access to the Render Server.  Since the server capacity is limited, your access window will also be limited.

Step: 1
Note: If connecting remotely, you will first need to login to the VPN service.

Login into gsdrender.university.harvard.edu with your HarvardKey username and password.


Step 2:
When you login, you will see icons for the available programs


Step 3:
Clicking on an icon will download a shortcut to your desktop.  Double-click the shortcut from your desktop to launch the RemoteApp.  You may have to click through a few security warnings and possibly re-authenticate using your HarvardKey before it finally launches.  When the program launches it will appear to be running locally on your computer.


render 2render4

Step 4:
Please note, file management during a remote session can be confusing.  During a remote session you will have access to your local drives but they will appear as network drives under ‘This PC’ (see screen shot below).  Also the links for ‘Desktop’ and ‘Documents’ on the remote computer do not lead to your local folders.  If you would like to access files on your desktop you would open the ‘C on <computername>’ network drive and navigate to the ‘Users’ folder and your user profile.


A few initial FAQ's

Q: Can you use this on a Mac running OSX?
A: Windows is preferred, but you can use it from a Mac.  You'll first have to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.  Also, the experience might not be as seamless

Q: Do I have to leave the window open while I render?
A: As of now, yes.  Though we're looking for ways around this, more to follow…

Q: Are we going to support other software or plugins?
A: Probably, we're trying to keep the original scope narrow but if it's working well and there's demand we'll likely add more resources

Q: What software is included in the Render Service?
A: Rhino/VRay and Bongo, 3D Max/Vray, Cinema4D