CRG is starting a pilot program to offer virtual computing by leveraging Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

This resource can be used to outsource rendering from your computer but is not meant to be a replacement for your computer. You will not be able to install your own software,  applications are pre-installed by CRG.  Initially, we are focusing on Rhino with V-Ray.

You can access your virtual computer either through a compatible web browser or through Microsoft's Remote Desktop application.  Launching a session through your browser is a quick and easy way to start a session.  However, the Remote Desktop application will offer a better experience, including the option to access files and folders stored on your local computer – making it easier to move files back and forth between your computer and the virtual computer.

Download the new Remote Desktop app for Windows
Download the Remote Desktop app for Apple devices

You cannot reliably store files on your virtual computer for any length of time.  So, be sure to remove your files before ending your session either by uploading them to a cloud storage service like OneDrive or DropBox or by copying them to your local computer.

This virtual computing service is a shared resource so during peak periods you may experience reduced performance.


How to connect

To access the CRG's Virtual Desktop environment, either login to the Remote Desktop Workspace in your web browser or click the Subscribe option in your Remote Desktop client

When prompted for authentication, use your HarvardKey credentials

Click subscribe in workspaces and login with your HarvardKey credentials

Note: If you are using the Mac Remote Desktop client, you may need to subscribe to the Virtual Desktop feed using the URL:

Login with HarvardKey

You should then see the resources assigned to you

Launch the Default Desktop shortcut to enter the Windows Desktop of one of the remote virtual machines

Select Default Desktop to enter the remote desktop

You may be prompted to allow access to your local computer resources

Click to allow and then enter your HarvardKey credentials again when prompted

Login with your HarvardKey credentials

You should be brought to the desktop of the next available shared virtual machine

Rhino and V-ray are preinstalled, however you will need login to Rhino on the first launch

Once your render is completed, be sure to remove your files from the virtual machine and disconnect your remote session by clicking the Start menu, right-clicking on your profile and choosing Log Out

End the session by choosing Log Out under the Start menuy