Those with HarvardKey access can find Final Review Zoom Webinar links on the Events page of GSD Now.

Each review has its own Event in GSD Now with details—guest critics, student presenters, the schedule, and the Zoom link—that can be found by clicking on the event.

Please contact Marcus Ferolito with questions.

Core Studio reviews take place April 28 – 30.

Full term and Module 2 Option Studio final reviews will be held on April 30, May 3 and May 4.

(Module 1 Option Studio reviews took place on March 8.)

All final exams, reviews, or presentations for non-studio courses (lectures, seminars, or workshops) take place during final exam period, May 5 – 10. Review and exam dates, times and locations are subject to change. Students should remain available during the full review and exam periods.


Dept. Studio Instructor(s) Format
Core Studio Reviews
Wednesday, April 28
A 1102 Burchard, DePaor Zoom
LA 1112 Douglas – Day 1 Zoom
UP 1122 D'Oca Zoom
Thursday, April 29
A 1202 Lott Zoom
LA 1112 Douglas – Day 2 Zoom
LA 1212 Desimini, Monacella – Day 1 Zoom
Friday, April 30
LA 1212 Desimini, Monacella – Day 2 Zoom
MDE 1232 Sayegh, Lee Zoom
Full term and Module 2 – Option Studio Reviews
Friday, April 30
A 1316 Kara, Lee Zoom
A 1320 Tudó Galí, Ros Majó, Ricart Ulldemolins Zoom
A 1325 Johnston Zoom
A, UPD 1603 Angélil Zoom
Monday, May 3
A 1319 La Zoom
A 1321 Mostafavi Zoom
LA 1410 Reed Zoom
LA 1411 Waldheim Zoom
UPD 1504 Muniz, Viegas Zoom
UPD 1505 Busquets, Yang Zoom
LA, UPD 1604 Kim Zoom
Tuesday, May 4
A 1317 Legendre Zoom
A 1318 Lee Zoom
A 1326 Cohen Zoom
A 1327 Au, Henry Zoom
LA 1408 Martic Zoom
LA 1409 Kirkwood Zoom
UPD 1506 Rahaim Zoom
UPD 1507 Wolff Zoom
A, UPD 1602 Murphy Zoom

Updated 04/26/21. Schedule subject to change.