Important Dates

August 5
Canvas courses are automatically published and accessible to prospective enrollees via the GSD course directory or my.Harvard.

August 8
Students will be able to join your course as prospective enrollees.

August 12
Your syllabus must be posted in Canvas by this date.
Deadline to submit introductory video for faculty teaching Option Studios; not required for instructors of elective courses.

August 23–29
Option Studio lottery, MDesS Advanced Course Selection Process, and the limited-enrollment lottery take place.

August 30
On this date, students can officially enroll in courses via my.Harvard.

August 31
Classes begin. Please note that on Wednesday, August 31, the GSD will be utilizing a Monday class schedule.

September 8
Prospective enrollees are removed from courses.

September 14
The last day for students to withdraw from a module 1 course.

December 2
The last day for students to withdraw from a full semester and module 2 course.