New Hires 

Students planning to start a new job must obtain a GSD New Hire Form if you have not done so already:  

  • E-mail your payroll coordinator, copying your supervisor, to let them know that you will start a new job
  • You will receive a hire form and any additional paperwork as needed
  • Complete the form(s), scan it, and send it to your supervisor in PDF file format
  • Have your supervisor sign it (either electronically or hard copy) and send it back to you  
  • Once you receive the completed and signed form, e-mail it to your payroll coordinator

Submitting Timesheets

Download a Work-Study Timesheet 

Download a Non-Work-Study Timesheet 

  • Scan the completed timesheet. 
  • Email the timesheet to your supervisor for approval; if the person who approves your time is also your payroll coordinator, then you have completed the remote submission process.
  • For those of you whose supervisor is not your payroll coordinator, follow the instructions below:  
    • Option 1: Supervisor sends the signed timesheet back to student (PDF file format) and student sends it to payroll coordinator; 
    • Option 2: Supervisor sends the email directly to the payroll coordinator with “Approved” in the subject line of the email. 

If you do not have access to printer and/or scanner, send an email to your supervisor detailing the daily hours worked, date, time in and out, and total hours worked for the week. Once your supervisor approves the email, forward the approval email to the payroll coordinator. The payroll coordinator will enter the approved time. 

Direct Deposit/Paper Checks

If you have not signed up for direct deposit, now is a good time to do so. You can sign up directly through via PeopleSoft: Main Menu>Self Service>My Pay>Direct Deposit. Instructions and other information for setting up direct deposit are available on the Harvard’s Student Employment Office website. Activation of direct deposit can take a few weeks, so it is very important that your address in PeopleSoft is your most current address. If you are currently registered as a Harvard student, you can update your address in your account. Note that students who do not have an active job in the system will not be able set up direct deposit until after their job is added to the PeopleSoft system.