Spring 2021 Student Employment Eligibility

No work should begin until a GSD payroll coordinator has verified students’ work eligibility and their hire paperwork has been completed. If you are a student who is offered a job, do not begin working until you have submitted the necessary documentation to your payroll coordinator and they have verified your work eligibility.

Students on Leave of Absence:

Student employment at the GSD is reserved for enrolled, continuing students. Since unenrolled students do not have student status they cannot be hired on the Weekly Student Payroll.

Therefore, students on a Leave of Absence this semester, will not be able to work at the GSD in the Spring or Summer of 2021.  Students returning for the Fall semester will be able to be hired at that time.

In rare instances where an enrolled student cannot be found for a specific job, AND the requesting faculty member outlines a compelling reason for an exception, AND the potential hire is eligible to be hired as a non-student, we can hire an individual onto the weekly employee (non-student) temporary payroll.

    • Individuals on the temporary payroll cannot work for more than 90 days.
    • Individuals who are not located in the United States cannot be hired as a temporary employee.  Since a non-student hire is a different job class than student, the individual will need to once again show eligibility to work. If the individual is not in the United States they will not be able to complete the I-9 and will not be eligible

Enrolled Students:

Currently students working anywhere in the United States, who are legally authorized to work in the U.S., may be hired as GSD student employees.  Students who are working outside of New England, New York or California will only be eligible to work until 90 days after the Massachusetts COVID-19 state of emergency is lifted, to be compliant with state tax laws.  During the pandemic, the state of Massachusetts considers students to be working at the school, even when physically located in other states, and therefore if applicable, requires Harvard to withhold the Massachusetts tax.

At this time, students residing outside of the U.S., are not eligible to work.

A TA assists faculty with the general duties of preparing for class and provides logistical support or coordination as needed for coursework, course/AV set up, room scheduling, transportation, etc. They may NOT assign grades or serve as substitute instructors in the absence of the instructor of record.

There is no one process for applying to be a teaching assistant. If you are looking for a teaching assistant opportunity, there are several approaches:

Contact an instructor to make a direct inquiry about the possibility of serving as a teaching assistant in one of their courses. You may want to check in with the instructor's department office first, as they may have information about instructors who are looking for TA's or who have already made arrangements for the semester and are no longer looking. Please note that while academic departments can assist in coordination, they do not play a role in the allocation of teaching assistantships.

Instructors may also advertise a teaching assistant position through the Office of Career Services, or through their academic department if they are seeking a TA from a specific program.

In general, a TA for a traveling option studio is selected after the options lottery, from among those students enrolled in the studio. While it is possible for a student not enrolled in the studio to serve as a TA for an option studio, only students enrolled in the studio are eligible to travel with the class.


Teaching Assistants can self-register here after completing their hiring paperwork: