HarvardKey HarvardKey is Harvard University's primary user credential often used in conjunction with Two-Step Verification.  To manage your HarvardKey and Two-Step Verification visit key.harvard.edu.
Zoom Zoom is our platform for Video Communications. Click here for instructions to download Zoom and login with HarvardKey.  Access the quick learning guide.
Canvas Canvas is our learning management system; an open-source platform that can be customized to meet the pedagogical needs of the course. To access Canvas visit https://canvas.harvard.edu  Access the quick learning guide.
CAD and Design Applications
Software for Design Computing.  Each application has unique installation instructions involving network licenses and user registrations so please follow the steps carefully.  Here are some direct links to our more popular applications  AutoCAD | Rhino | VRay | ArcGIS | Adobe CC | Install other software…
VPN VPN (Virtual Private Networking) is a service that provides access to internal resources from remote locations.  Access to confidential systems and network licensing for ArcGIS and VRay are among the most common use cases.  Get installation instructions.
Microsoft 365 A cloud-based service managed locally by Harvard University, Microsoft 365 is our email and collaboration platform. Your account includes access to the following:

Harvard created a portal for accessing Microsoft 365 at https://mso.harvard.edu

TA Registration GSD Teaching Assistants (TA) help faculty prepare course materials and provide logistical support for coursework, lectures, room scheduling, etc. If you are a TA, register to receive important communications and information regarding your role as a Teaching Assistant.
Contact Email to helpdesk@gsd.harvard.edu is our preferred method of communication.  We are also available via telephone by calling 617-496-3810.