Sculpture by Nathan King (DDes ’13) and Herbert Dreiseitl (LF ’11) Unveiled at Ann Arbor Municipal Center

A collaboration between Nathan King (DDes ’13) and Herbert Dreiseitl (LF ’11) yields a permanent sculptural installation at the newly constructed Ann Arbor Municipal Center. The sculpture, designed by Herbert Dreiseitl, consists of a vertical cast bronze element and a horizontal waterway that together carry water through the site. The project explores the translation of hand sketches into digital data for robotic tooling and production. Molds for bronze and concrete castings were produced in the GSD Fabrication Laboratory using the multi-axis robotic mill.
Nathan King has been invited to lecture on his work on digital and robotic fabrication at the CNC Symposium at Norwich University on March 9th and at the Virginia Tech-Washington Alexandria Architecture Center on March 14th.
Additionally, King will collaborate with faculty in the Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies to realize the forthcoming Virginia Tech Center for Design Research and will be developing a long term strategy for the curriculum and infrastructural integration of digital design and robotic fabrication technologies.