Governing by Design: Architecture, Economy, and Politics in the Twentieth Century, a new book by Timothy Hyde and the Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative

Governing by Design: Architecture, Economy, and Politics in Twentieth Century is an innovative collection of essays on the relation between architecture and political, economic, social, and biological forms of governance. “Governing by Design offers a unique perspective on twentieth-century architectural history, disputing the primacy placed on individuals in the design and planning process and instead looking to the larger influences of politics, culture, economics, and globalization to uncover the roots of how our built environment evolves.”
The volume is the work of the Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative, of which Timothy Hyde is a founding member.  Aggregate is a collaborative of thirteen historians interpreting architecture from multidisciplinary perspectives, who work together to advance architectural research and education by generating scholarship, conducting public events, and publishing material on the history and theory of architecture. Since 2006 Aggregate has held a series a workshops, organized a symposium, and produced the collected volume Governing by Design. Aggregate is currently developing new platforms to facilitate the open, collaborative character of its work, inviting participation across disciplines and beyond the Aggregate group.