Reencuentros Iberica with Daniel Ibañez

Daniel Ibañez (DDes candidate and co-founder of Margen-Lab) participated in the symposium “Arquitectura Iberica | Reencuentros y Talleres” directed by Eduardo Souto de Moura (2011 Pritzker Prize) and Francisco Mangado (both former GSD visiting professors) and curated by Ariadna Cantis and Jacobo Garcia German. Eduardo Souto de Moura and Daniel Ibañez With a lecture entitled “Architecture Beyond Building!” (recalling the Venice Biennale 2008 motto by Aaron Betsky), Ibañez demonstrated through his recent projects and research how architecture could extend its limits beyond form, space or building scale. The projects he presented included the 2nd prize in the International Competition, “Parque de la Ciudadania,” the “Endesa Pavillion” completed last year, and some of his current research at the GSD.
The symposium in Valladolid, Spain, returned to the idea of “Encuentros” – meetings between Spanish and Portuguese architects – initiated by Alvaro Siza and Rafael Moneo in 1997. The “Reencuentros” again brought together equal numbers of Spanish and Portuguese architects, critics, teachers and students for 2 days of creative exchange. Among the guests, Martha Thorne, Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, and Peter Gadanho, Chief Curator of Contemporary Architecture at MOMA, engaged in intense debate with local curators and directors about architecture in the Iberian context. Reencuentros y Talleres
Photo credits: Juan Rodriguez