Rotterdam studio invites the world in

Reconsidering Architecture,” the Rotterdam-based option studio led by Rem Koolhaas (professor in practice of architecture and urban design) and Stephan Trüby (lecturer in architecture) approaches architecture from 40 thousand feet and ground level simultaneously. Recently, faculty and students invited the Rotterdam public in for an exhibition and evening of debate about their research at the Dependance at the Schieblock.

Koolhaas and Trüby were joined by external critics Manfredo di Robilant, Sebastian Marot and Antoine Picon with Tom Avermate moderating the panel. Journalist Jaakko van ‘t Spijker writes, “in this format, in which a goal of the project (making architectural discourse more accessible) became part of its method (public access to the development stage), the project was enriching for the participant students as well as for those of the Rotterdam public.”

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