Next Generation Infrastructure for Sustainable Environments

The Surdna Foundation has awarded the Zofnass Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, directed by Prof. Spiro Pollalis, a grant of $300,000 for 2 years. The purpose of this project is to perform applied research for the Urban Water Management infrastructure and its synergies in existing and expanding urban settlements in the USA. The research aims to analyze the impact and prioritize the improvements in existing water infrastructure, maximizing the value of the allocated resources through a systemic approach on water consumption, supply, collection, treatment and distribution. The project will extend beyond the immediate infrastructure category of water to address its synergies at the large scale with the Energy and Food infrastructure systems. The choice of urban water management is dictated by its utmost importance on urban settlements, having a strong element of locality, especially in its reuse and growing urgency to address climate risk and quality of life of communities.

The initiative has two directions. One is to provide a functional set of analysis and guidelines for the stakeholders in Urban Water Management, especially at this time of paradigm shift. The second direction is in the contribution to the broader goal of sustainable infrastructure systems through planning.

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Learn more about the Zofnass Program at the GSD.