Jung Hyun Woo (MDes 16) published in New York Daily News

Harvard Graduate School of Design student Jung Hyun Woo (MDes ’16) co-authored a Sunday, January 10 op-ed piece for the New York Daily News, proposing that New York’s Broadway be transformed into a vibrant, linear, pedestrian thoroughfare—a ground-level park integrated with the life of the city.

“Maybe this idea sounds radical,” write Woo and coauthor Jonathan Cohn, principal with Perkins Eastman Architects in New York. “Actually, it’s the organic evolution of where cities are headed.”

Woo and Cohn are currently leading a seminar at the GSD titled “Broadway of Manhattan Revealed 1609–Today,” imagining a vision for Broadway through an ecological, historical, and geomorphological investigation of Manhattan.

As they write in the Daily News, the “Green Line” that Woo and Cohn conceive for Broadway would be part avenue and part park, integrating landscape in ways that enhance both the pedestrian experience and the environment. Among other considerations, they note the ongoing reclamation of New York’s streets for modes of transportation other than the strictly vehicular, as well as broader global movements toward more-walkable cities and public spaces.

For several days following its publication, Woo and Cohn’s op-ed was one of the most-read articles on the Daily News website.

To read the full op-ed, visit the Daily News.

Image courtesy Jung Hyun Woo