November 2019 News Roundup

Anita Nai Tzu Cheng (MLA I AP ’19) and Payao Shih (MArch II ’19) curated the first Harvard Taiwan Arts Festival in Boston. Titled “Reveal,” it provided a platform for artwork inspired by Taiwan. The works on display sought to uncover similarities and differences between cultural influences and creative expression through painting, photography, music, architecture, and archaeology. “Through this exhibition, we hope to bring viewers from all backgrounds to experience the diversity and complexity of Taiwanese culture,” explained the curators. “Reveal” was exhibited at Smith Campus Center from November 13 to November 22.

Toni Griffin was invited to write an article for the Guggenheim, “The Guggenheim as Third Space: Accessing Community and Contemplation in a Place of Privilege.” The article posed the question of whether “a privately owned space [can] be a place for building community, especially when it can cost $25 to enter.” Griffin wrote about the “third space” in relation to her research at Just City Lab, observing Frank Lloyd Wright’s rotunda museum and the notion of the third space on the Guggenheim’s ramp.

Installation view, Artistic License: Six Takes on the Guggenheim Collection, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, May 24, 2019–January 12, 2020. Photo: Toni L. Griffin

Safeer Shersad (MUP ’20) is the first recipient of Nippon Paint’s Gennosuke Obata Fellowship Fund. Sherad aspires to make a difference through human-centered design, pursuing the goals of providing inclusive urban design solutions to solve global challenges at the local level.

Grace La moderated an event “Drawing Attention: Unplugged with CJ Lim and Helen Thomas” at the Roca London Gallery on November 7. The event explored new directions, experiments and meanings of contemporary architectural drawings, in conjunction with the exhibition “Drawing Attention: The Digital Culture of Contemporary Architecture Drawings” that La co-curated. The exhibition is recently reviewed by RIBA and is listed as top five things to do in November by London’s Evening Standard.

Baku – Oil and Urbanism by Eve Blau and Ivan Rupnik received the 2019 DAM Architectural Book Award by the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in collaboration with the Frankfurt Book Fair.

“Ting,” an app that detects stress levels and offers mediation, won iF Design Talent Award 2019. “Ting”was developed by Togo Kida and Berlynn Bai (MDE ’20), and Lou Zhang at George Washington University. The app combines a stress level detector that draws data from mobile keyboard input with integrated design interventions through 30-second micro-meditations.

GSD Green Team is celebrating 10 years dedicated to sustainability and environmental justice. Founded in 2009, the team is comprised of members of the GSD Community who are dedicated to finding innovative solutions, challenging norms, and encouraging behavior change. The GSD Green Team is open to all members of the GSD community. Through ongoing collaboration between student, staff, and faculty-driven green teams, the Harvard Graduate School of Design is working to create a sustainable campus for the future.

@humansofgsd is a new Instagram page featuring members of GSD Building Services talking about their favorite spots in Gund Hall, favorite salad dressing–and most importantly, what students, faculty and staff at the GSD can do to make their jobs easier and the environment at the GSD a better place for everyone.

Diastika Lokesworo’s newest single

Entrepreneurs @GSD had a kick-off meeting on November 6, featuring guest speaker, GSD pioneer entrepreneur Teran Evans.

Diastika Lokesworo (MArch II ’20) & Womxn in Design hosted a live acoustic jazz performance from Lokesworo’s newest single and an installation on November 8 at GSD Kirkland Gallery