The Araldo A. Cossutta Prize will be endowed in perpetuity to support a qualified and promising student in the area of architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The one-year full tuition fellowship shall be awarded annually to a student of merit who has successfully completed the core program for the professional degree of Master of Architecture (MArch I/MArch I AP) and whose design work consistently shows outstanding promise.

Previous Winners
2023: Fernando Garrido Carreras
2022: Maggie Musante
2021: Rayshad Dorsey
2020: Rachel Coulomb
2019: Aria Griffin
2018: Kenneth Hasegawa
2017: Khoa Vu
2016: Elizabeth Grace McEniry
2015: Justin Gallagher
2014: Iman Fayyad
2013: Joanie Tom
2012: Max Wong
2011: Brendan Kellogg
2010: Jeffrey Laboskey
2009: Jon Sargent
2008: Yoshiki Waterhouse
2007: Mathieu Lemieux-Blanchard
2006: Anya Sirota
2005: Julie Kaufman
2004: Richard Lam
2003: Andre Abrantes
2002: Chung Ping Lee
2001: Angus Eade
2000: Yu-Lin Chen
1999: Lucia Allais
1998: Jeannie Kim
1997: Gullivar Shepard
1996: Elizabeth Whitaker
1995: Shawn Emory
1994: Joshua Prince-Ramus

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