Incoming students will be paired with trained current student mentors in the same, or outside of one's academic discipline.  

What do peer mentors and mentees discuss?

  • Meeting new people and making connections with fellow peers and members of the GSD community
  • Campus involvement aligned with academic and career goals
  • Adjusting to graduate academic expectations
  • Developing a plan for academic and social success
  • Balancing the demands of graduate education with personal responsibilities
  • Developing and cultivating GSD contacts
  • Taking advantage of GSD resources

Your peer mentor will:

  • Help guide you as an incoming student to the GSD
  • Have similar interests, hobbies, and experiences as you
  • Help you gain new perspectives on pursuing a design education
  • Meet or video chat with you on a regular basis (or as determined by you both)
  • Guide you in discovering academic opportunities and paths
  • Encourage you to set goals and check in on progress
  • Help connect you with additional resources at the GSD and beyond if needed (i.e., financial, academic, and personal advisement)

Register for Mentor Collective

To access Connect GSD, Mentees and Mentors need to register and complete a profile using Harvard Key Credentials.