A Cultural Study of Film: Mapping and Fashioning Space: Seminar

This course will meet in Carpenter Center 402.The impulse to map (ourselves) is a major drive of contemporary visual culture. Since Fredric Jameson\’s call for \”cognitive mapping\”, and artists\’ return to the art of mapping, cultural studies regard mapping as a critical navigational route. Our cultural history of film looks at this moving field. How does the moving image participate in the shifting architectonics of visuality, space, and the body? How is the body \”fashioned\” in inner and outer space? Emphasis on readings and case study of relevant films to pursue research projects and make presentations to the seminar. Case study includes the culture of fashion in film.Note: Active participation in seminarial endeavors is required. May be taken as a continuation of GSD 4351.Prerequisite: A course in film studies or the equivalent course in cultural studies.